Bluetooth - pulseaudio-bluetooth not pulled

I wasn’t sure who exactly to forward this to, but I used the EOS wiki to pull the necessary packages to setup bluetooth and twice on two computers I was not able to connect to my soundbar or bluetooth speaker so I did some digging.

From here:

I used the sudo pacman -S --needed bluez bluez-utils to pull necessary things for my KDE setup.

I did not however pull -

Which meant I could pair no problem, but connection failed. I don’t know if we want to add that to the pull from the --needed or maybe mention on the wiki you will need it this extra package to play bluetooth audio. I could have sworn I didn’t need to pull that package separately on my other installs. I don’t know if it’s a new thing, or if it’s a product of KDE. .

From the Arch wiki:

Thanks everyone!


I too can confirm that this needs to be done to get pairing to not fail (pulling pulseaudio-bluetooth). I did not think too much of it as it also has to be done when running Debian testing as you have to install pulseaudio-modules-bluetooth. All were for KDE installs.

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I have never not needed to install that package independently on any Arch-based install I’ve ever done. Mind you, I only REMEMBER that I need to install it when that first connection fails and then I remember I forgot to install it…


I’ve always needed to install it. But I usually install Arch.

I’m like 99% sure I didn’t have to do it the last few Endeavour installs though. And if it’s supposed to be like this, no worries, we may just want to note it somewhere in the wiki to make the lives easier for those who are there trying to install bluetooth stuff.

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Thanks for this. I’ve finally got my bluetooth speaker set up properly now.


pulseaudio-bluetooth is an optional dependency of pulseaudio.

I looked at the development history of pulseaudio and didn’t see any dropping of pulseaudio-bluetooth from the direct dependencies.

So when installing pulseaudio (or any package), is is good to look at the optional dependencies that may be needed.
Pacman will show the optional packages while installling.



so this reads like it is optional for Bluetooth-support of pulseaudio …

i see also others failing to connect without this package beeing installed… i will simple add it to the wiki …


I just used the wiki to copy and paste. I imagine that’s how most would use it.

Thanks. I think that will help some folks!


The community thanks you Joe. I’m going to start writing up something for hibernating for us too.

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