Bluetooth Not main Sound

Hi. I am new here.
I just installed this OS and works great. But I have an issue with Bluetooth earphones. When I connect them I have to go to Sound properies (clicking in bar icon close to clock) and the to Mixer. There is a moving bar (the sound of the song opened) but no sound in my earphones. So I have to go to Output Devices in the same window and then click on the tick that appears next to a yellow padlock symbol.
I want to know what do i have to do to just connect earphones and sound appears without doing anything.

what happens if you click the button next to the padlock that says set as default?

This is the problem. I have to click on it everytime i connect them, though it say not “as default”, but reseve option". I don´t know if this is the same.

Yeah that is strange I run a bluetooth speaker and besides having to manually connect the first time after reboot i don’t have other issues. I’m assuming the ear buds are in your trusted devices list. Maybe something to do with what has control over the headphone.

Yes, I put them in the trusted device list. And I have discovered something now… When clicking the sound icon in the tastbar there is a little, very little arrowhead. I can select bluetooth device from here without going to output devices and click on the button next to padlock. It is a quicker way to activate them. Thats very good. I am ok with this option, though if there is the posibility to select them as default it would be better. But nice this way too. I am happy. Thanks.

Another SOLVED issue with my BLUETOOTH headphones.
It has a built-in microphone and I could not record anything from it, though it appeared listed in the input devices.
So after going around testing things I solved it by clicking in the bluetooth symbol close to the clock in the panel. After selecting my headphones i started selecting options inside Device-Audio profile. Only one worked. Headset Head Unit (HSP/HFP, codec CVSD).
Now I can listen to music and record from it. Under Device- i tick Input and Output audio profiles too. And in input devices I click the tick, close to the padlock, of my headphones, that it must be the same than selecting it in speaker symbol in panel. Ok.

Yes the different codecs baffle me a bit. Some are better for music/movies but you cannot use the mic. Go to a codec where you use the mic and the sound degrades. I also find the whole bluetooth experience on Linux baffling with headsets to the point I just stop using it for online meetings and go to a tablet with iOS/Android.

Biggest pet peeve is for no reason at all the headset will cut out completely and then I am bouncing through audio settings for codecs and default outputs, bluetooth settings to make sure it is connected and it is not the best experience at all.