Bluetooth Issue

So, I’ve had this problem on and off. I don’t know what affects it.

I am running KDE with Bluez and bluedevil and all other associated packages for bluez for proper functionality. I followed the arch wiki getting Bluetooth working. All latest from arch repo and up to date system.

I can pair my controller fine, in this case an 8bitdo pro2, and use it but as soon as I disconnect and try to reconnect it later(or right after disconnect), it will not connect. I have to forget the device, turn off and on Bluetooth because the scanning stops working, and re-pair to use the controller. I have tried LTS kernel, zen, and main thinking it was a kernel issue, used bluetoothctl directly. No unusual logs or rfkill status. Everything seems to be running fine according to logs and systemctl. I have removed bluez and associated components, reinstalled the packages, reinitiated Bluetooth modules in the kernel, restarted the Bluetooth daemon.

Not too long ago, maybe March-ish, I was able to pair it once and connect after a disconnect. I even added the wake up functionality and it would auto connect and wake up my PC. Not anymore for some reason. Funny thing is, my PS4 controller exhibited this behaviour as well before this. It would work fine then suddenly would not auto connect some time after, then it magically worked again. Now not anymore.

Any ideas or tips on troubleshooting? Has anyone experienced this before?

Edit: So, enabling wifi makes it work? It’s an Asus branded wireless adapter and Bluetooth adapter so I may have found the issue. It’s integrated on my ITX motherboard. B450-I.

If it’s a hybrid adapter then disabling one of the radios can indeed end up disabling both; if that’s what’s happening then that’s a hardware limitation.

The only thing that confuses me about the situation is that with the WIFI turned off, devices can be paired and used fine, its just when I try to reconnect the device, it fails. With WIFI on, the device auto connects like it should. I will do some more testing.

Mayhaps the softlock blocks certain actions from taking place on the integrated adapter. I would imagine it’s a hybrid adapter considering it’s on an ITX motherboard. Space is king on those things.

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