Bluetooth headphones turning off when I connect them

I’m not sure what happened, but my bluetooth headphones, which were working fine until now, just started turning off whenever I connect them to my laptop running EndeavorOS. They still work just fine connecting to my phone, or even to my other laptop which is running Ubuntu, so I believe it’s a problem with EndeavorOS. However, I have a pair of bluetooth earbuds which are able to connect to this laptop just fine, so I’m really at a loss. I’ve tried restarting the laptop, restarting the bluetooth service, un-pairing the headphones and re-pairing them, but nothing has fixed them. I wasn’t even aware that you could turn off bluetooth headphones from the device that they are connected to, so I’m really at a loss for how to fix this. Any ideas?

EDIT: I know this post is only 5 minutes old, but I actually just discovered the problem. I had accidentally changed the audio profile for the headphones. For some reason, the one that I switched it to was crashing the headphones somehow and causing them to turn off whenever audio was played. I changed the profile back to what it was originally and they work fine now.


So the problem is fixed that was created?