Bluetooth error

No Bluetooth radio found on this computer or Bluetooth is not supported by your current web browser. If you need one a CSR 4.0 Bluetooth Dongle is recommended. when i try to use bluetooth with browser chromuim

luetooth dongle information:

HCI version: 10
Revision: 0089
Manufacturer: 2279 (CSR - Cambridge Silicon Radio)

Unbranded CSR clone detected:

The system identifies the Bluetooth dongle as an unbranded CSR clone and takes some workarounds.

Issues with device suspension:

There are issues with suspending the Bluetooth device for a Barrot 8041a02 receive-issue workaround.

Unsupported Bluetooth commands:

The Bluetooth dongle does not support certain HCI commands, such as HCI Delete Stored Link Key, HCI Read Default Erroneous Data Reporting, and HCI Set Event Filter.