Bluetooth driver issue again

Since discovering KDE, after having a love-hate relationship with Gnome, I decided to remove Gnome, but it broke Vivaldi syncing with gnome-keyring. Once I got KDE installed I lost printing/scanning and bluetooth. See below.

I returned to Gnome but bluetooth drivers still do not load.

inxi -FAZ --no-host | eos-sendlog

Can I get some help on getting the bluetooth working.
To avoid confusion, I will create a new topic for the printing/scanning.

Try enabling the service.

sudo systemctl enable --now bluetooth.service

bluetooth-list-units 2022-03-31 16-33-56

Still no bluetooth

Perhaps start from scratch and reinstall your Bluetooth packages then re-enable it following

Seems you have messed too much with your system going back and forth kde-gnome.

I would try the same approach for your printer, reinstall cups and other required packages.

As I recall @ricklinux knows about this problem with the Broadcom 43 series.o

True, I did a clean reinstall in Gnome last night as I suspected tht is the problem.

I will follw the guides exactly. Being it is a clean system, I can’t see why it won’t work.

Thanks for the reply.

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Same problem on lts kernel?

I’ve had varying degrees of success with the zen kernel with Bluetooth and Wifi over the years.

The new install is lts, but wifi works fine, but not bt, even though they are on the same hardware, a Broadcom BCM43142A0 which was acquired by Lite-On.

I see the broadcom-bt-firmware-git in the AUR.
[michael@eos-22 ~]$ sudo dmesg | grep bt
[ 10.764472] usbcore: registered new interface driver btusb

Is that supposed to be running?

Did you install the firmware package? It may see the hardware btusb but it needs the firmware to work.
You also have to have all the required bluetooth packages installed and enable and start the services. Then if bluetooth is running you can set it up to connect with something which can be a challenge in itself sometimes.

I don’t use bluetooth (except on Android!) but I saw something in Linux Magazine about Mint dropping one of the Bluetooth setups (Blueberry?) because of some new updates/incompatibilities. Might be worth a look at what they found if you’re on it…

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Yes, the broadcom firmware is installed.
remove-btusb 2022-04-03 11-27-42

reloaded btusb
modprobe 2022-04-03 11-16-55

Do you have bluez & bluez-utils installed?

You can copy the missing firmware file into /lib/firmware/brcm

Edit: Hope this works for you. :thinking:

I just installed them. What next?

Did copy the missing firmware file into the proper folder? Is bluetooth enable?

systemctl status bluetooth

Edit: Did you originally follow the wiki?

BCM2070B0-19ff-0239.hcd is already in /lib/firmware/brcm

I made notes and did exactly the sme steps in KDE, but now this is Gnome.
Are there any more diagnostics to run?

If bluetooth is enabled and running then try to connect. It may require going through all the steps using bluetoothctl to start it, scan, pair, connect, trust etc etc.

systemctl status bluetooth