Bluetooth devices disconnecting

My bluetooth speaker keeps losing the connection to the laptop after a while (even below 5 min). With lts, it stays connected for longer time, but it will disconnect/reconnect eventually.
That started about 1 week ago (if I remember correctly). I also tried with my in-ear and again the same thing happens.

I tested those devices with my phone and they work as expected. My laptop has an Intel AX200 card.
Is there something I could do, or I just wait for an update to come?

P.S.: I’m in latest KDE (it also happened before today’s update).

I read that this is a problem with the recent updates to linux-firmware. Some people are rolling back to linux-firmware-20211216.f682ecb-1.

So I’ll maybe wait for the next update.

could be also some powersaving options doing this…
Special if you are using TLP…

Hmm, I’ll check it to be sure. Thanks.

systemctl status tlp

pacman -Qs tlp


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It is installed and running (I didn’t even know about it). Although I didn’t have any problem before the recent updates, I’ll read about and if I need it (or if it causes problems).

you can try if it helps disable TLP:
sudo systemctl disable tlp
and reboot to see if BT is working without disconnecting…
If so edit tlp config or let it disabled and use some other power saving feature if you need … like power-profiles-daemon

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