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Hello fellow Endeavourers!

I use the XFCE EndeavourOS since a few days now. Mostly my laptop is docked via a USB C dock and my laptop is closed and hidden in a drawer. When the system boots I have no automated connections to my bluetooth keyboard and mouse. I have to login by opening the laptop and then i get a connection once XFCE is booted.

I already enabled the bluetooth service via sudo systemctl enable bluetooth. What should I do to make it work at the login screen directly? I couldn´t find this in the Arch Wiki or EndeavourOS docs.

Hi @evadnl and welcome to EndeavourOS community!

I don’t use Bluetooth keyboard so I haven’t had any reason to test the following so I cannot tell if it would work for you. Perhaps you have already tried it?

Auto power-on after boot

By default, the Bluetooth adapter does not power on after a reboot, you need to add the line AutoEnable=true in the configuration file /etc/bluetooth/main.conf at the bottom in the [Policy] section:


[Policy] AutoEnable=true

Discoverable on startup

If the device should always be visible and directly connectable:


[General] DiscoverableTimeout = 0

Hi @pebcak,

Thanks for the quick reply. Sadly this doesnt change the things at login screen. It looks like as if the login screen does not load the blueman-manager when its booting.

Maybe some extra information: Once I have logged into the desktop, then logout, the connection remains.

Ignore my last post…

It apperently requires spaces between AutoEnable and = and true,

AutoEnable = true

So with spaces before it works…

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