Bluelight filter application for Xfce

Any GUI alternative application for Xfce users?

Really? What makes you say that? Also, does it even matter if it still works?

No GH activity, last release v1.12 in 2018.

And why is that an issue if the software is working?

No issue with Redshift, I faced some issues with RedshiftGUI.

redshift-gtk is a thing, and included in the redshift package.

I’ll try CLight GUI | AUR. (got from ArchWiki)

You’re aware that that software serves a completely different purpose?

Yes I’ve used it on Manjaro & currently using on EOS. Terminal based but simple application.:+1:t6:

Oh it’s for webcam only ‽ :man_facepalming:t6:. Looks nice though, will check if it works for my usecase.

Marking this as Solution for now. Please let me know if anyone finds better GUI+FOSS alternative. Thanks.

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