Bluedevil applet issues on KDE

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Basically, I installed all the required bluetooth packages as well as bluedevil, and now have bluetooth working on my EOS KDE install. However, I now have the drop-down applet (the one that appears when clicking on the bluetooth taskbar icon) permanently stuck on my desktop. It’s stayed even after logging out and restarting my computer.

The applet itself has no exit button, and I’ve also poked around with the ps command and see no running process tied to bluedevil. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue and has a fix?

(included photo shows the unwanted applet on the left, and the normal drop down on the right which works as it should)

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Have you tried right-clicking on the Desktop and then selecting Edit Mode? This will allow you to go to the Widget and then click on the Delete icon which appears beside it.


Thanks, that did the trick. Didn’t even know that was a feature lol


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Glad that your issue was resolved!
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