Blueberry or Blueman for XFCE?

Does it matter which one i use? I’m reading here

blueberry (gtk) [recommended for XFCE]

blueman (gtk) [can be used in Desktop Environments independent]

But on the Welcome app(Add More Apps tab) it offers both for XFCE, but the website says Blueberry is recommended. Wanting to make sure before i install. :smiley:


That’s a bit odd.
I have had blueberry only on Cinnamon. And blueman in Xfce.

If you look at the dependencies, the former depends among other things on gnome-bluetooth which might be indicative of which environments it is intended for. The latter doesn’t have that dependency.


Blueberry — Linux Mint’s spin-off of GNOME Bluetooth, which works in all desktop environments.

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When I was running :enos: Xfce, I chose Blueberry as it gives you the option to have no panel icon (I keep Bluetooth off most of the time).

As long as what you use works, it doesn’t matter much.

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I’ve always liked blueberry personally.

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i other way . blueman work flawless on all my machines ( find blueberry hit or miss ). Use what work best for your system :+1:


I say if it works “use it” if it don’t “lose it”! :laughing: