Blinking cursor during boot after latest update, I temporarily fixed it

Hello guys … I ran update yesterday then after reboot i stuck at blinking cursor during boot. I temporarily fixed it by uninstalling nvidia driver “sudo pacman -R nvidia-340xx”

But I need nvidia driver. how can i fix the boot stuck without removing nvidia driver…

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There are a few potential things to look at. First, the Arch wiki page:

Second, the nvidia-installer package (or nvidia-installer-dkms) should be able to install and configure the correct driver for you.

Third, nvidia-340xx is an AUR package so might end up breaking when repo packages are updated. You might need to to wait until the package is updated (e.g. for kernel 5.8).


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Could you show the output of

  lspci -vnn | grep -P 'VGA|Display'

This is to check if your card is still properly supported…