Blender 3 - AUR or wait?

I just issued an update and wouldn’t you know it, Blender 3 at last. :slight_smile:
Now I have to blender something …

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Hello fellow Blender users,
I’ve waited a few days assuming that someone would post about Blender 3 but …
So I wonder if I should install it from AUR or wait until it becomes available via the community repo?


It was available the day after release … what more do you want?

If you cannot wait a day then download and use the portable linux version from the blender website.


There is also this nice tool:

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Thanks akej74
I did not know about that one.
The good news is that the other day (right after I posted the above post), Blender finally updated. Even then, it still said “2.93-6” and only when I actually launched it I saw that it was version 3 because my theme customization had reverted back to the default layout.