Black wallpaper after wake-up from suspend (SmartVideoWallpaper)

Hello Everyone !
I use the fantastic “SmartVideoWallpaper Reborn” for KDE6, with a small video imitate purple ray.
I really love to have an animated wallpaper, but it’s not without inconvenients…

EVERY Time I restore my computer from sleep, It not work anymore and I have a black screen.
Sometimes, I can’t restore at all (desktop freezed, but it’s pretty rare.)

Workaround i’ve found :

  • Unlog, log-in again.
  • Reboot
  • Chosse another wallpaper & get back on this last one.

But it’s pretty anoying to do this every resume…
Is somebody have the same issue ?
Any idea for a workaround solution ?

Thanks a lot !

I think maybe you should report the issue to the creator of this

Does the same happen if you use a GIF image? I have an animated wallpaper I use that is a GIF but I have my setup where the screen doesn’t turn off so I can’t test