Black screen with working mouse and BSPWM 'working' but can't see it at all

Thanks for this suggestion, I didn’t know about akm. I will test it out now and see what happens :+1:

do you use GDM or on AMD?
I have something similar with gnome, I have to restart a few times until it starts working.

seems to happen less with lts, but happens with that too.

I’m not entirely sure what you mean as I’m a bit of a noob but do you mean GDM as in Gnome Display Manager? If not, no I don’t have an AMD card. I’m using an Nvidia card.

I ran nvidia-inst last night and it seemed to install the correct drivers and now OpenGL works correctly but I have noticed that the battery goes down much faster than It used to before the updates.

Let me know if I can be more helpful :+1:

If it helps, are you seeing this kind of GPU error?:

The ‘white’ window on the right is meant to be the Falkon web browser.

That’s the kind of issue I was seeing before running nvidia-inst anyway…

I think you meant amd-ucode - In that case then no. I’m using intel-ucode.

:pray: i need ask
Why you use that junk ? firefox ,librewolf,qutebrowser just name few ! no work ?
also you say kitty no work? if install Alacritty that no launch? or black screen ?

I use Falkon because its simple and lightweight.

A BSPWM window will open but the screen will be black. Alacritty is the same. Anything that explicity uses the GPU doen’t render at all, even my own games have the same issue with nouveau errors in xterm.