Black screen while attempting to boot into LiveCD

Hi all! A friend of mine has recently decided to try out EndeavourOS. He managed to install it on his laptop and enjoyed it, but tonight we tried to make it work on his computer. On his computer, after pressing enter to boot into the LiveCD, some weird, ACPI errors are being displayed and then a black screen followed by nothing else and the system seemingly being halted. I will attach a video here to have a look for yourself.

Since its ventoy I would suggest that you make sure it is up to date. I have heard of people having similar issues with Ventoy. You could just dd the image to drive if you are unable to get ventoy to update and work.

We will try that tomorrow and report back. It is pretty late here.

I watched the video. this is so ventoy. you have to experiment with grub/non-grub loading while, simulataneously, in bios, be in uefi only or bios legacy&uefi setting. so you have 4 more things to try. one will work.

Did you try the grub mode?

Did you check the integrity of your ISO?

Same thing on grub mode.

The same flash drive was used to install the OS on his laptop.

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It was already up-to-date. We changed from MBR partitioning to GPT partitioning. Still the same result.

Something to note: he had Linux Mint installed alongside Windows. Trying to boot into Linux Mint results in a similar behavior.

Yeah I don’t use ventoy for installing OS’s. I have heard of others having trouble doing so and its apparently still has issues. I always just use dd and never have these issues.

Yer I’ve never had much success with it the times I tried it, I normally use
Or occasionally etcher

I’ve used Ventoy with great success in the past, but yeah, maybe it isn’t working on his machine. I will tell him to use Rufus with dd and boot from that.

I just asked him that and he told me that no, it didn’t work. His BIOS version is also not on the mobo manufacturer’s website, so yeah… Maybe something regarding the BIOS.

Either way, though, he gave up. :frowning:

We tried to do some more work yesterday and we somehow managed to boot it up after clearing the CMOS. We believe it is due to the RAM being possibly dodgy. We weren’t able to install it, for some reason, but we will try again this evening.