Black Screen when installing

Hi, a bit new here. I’ve been attempting to install this on a Dell Optiplex 755, and during the install process, my screen goes black and nothing happens. I don’t have any errors through any of the installation, and it goes black shortly after it logs into the Live CD (says “archiso login: liveuser (automatic login)”). It does say “xauth :file /home/liveuser/.Xauthority does not exist”. I’ve tried using Rufus in both ISO and DD modes, Etcher, and I’ve even tried a DVD.

Any help would be appreciated.

Welcome. Can you tell us your hardware configuration to help you solve the problem?

Hi @peter_the_gray welcome to EndeavourOS.

Did you check your md5sum latest endeavouos ISO ?
Check our wiki for it, you could also make your live usb key with a simple command.

I do believe your problem is a permission on your Xauthority file, then you could delete all the .Xauthority files as normal not root user
and starting X again it will recreate it on the good way…

I can confirm this. It happened a few days ago with my computer, too. I don’t know why, but it happened on off- and online installation mode.

Hello @peter_the_gray. Welcome to EndeavourOS!

That very much sounds like a graphics driver issue.
To give more help, we need to know more about your graphics system.
For example, the model of the graphics card(s) on your system is a good start.
List all cards and mode details if you have more than one.

I have an integrated graphics card. Should be a Iris 620 inside of my intel core i3 6100.other cards i dont have in my system now.

A separate thread is needed as your hardware is (probably) not the same as in the first post.

Sorry it took me so long. I’m not at home right now but I will be in an hour, so I can post the specifications when I get there.
@FLVAL I didn’t verify the checksum of the ISO, and I will try the Xauthority files when I get home. I assume they will be on the installer itself, right?
@Endlich I think you’re having a different issue than I am, since I can’t even get to the GUI portion of the installer, while it sounds like you’re at least getting to part of it.

Thanks for the help!

First check your ISO, then give us your Graphic Card model ?