Black screen upon reboot after fresh install

Hello, new to linux, I installed endeavor os via usb, now boots to black screen. Can’t see log in screen, can’t seem to access my Bios either. For some reason the bootable usb wont boot to live os install. Can’t open tty. I tried typing my password just to if it responds to inputs. Screen reacted as if i logged in to my desktop but screen remained black.
My installation was default setup from the installer on the iso using the online installation with KDE desktop environment chosen. My setup is amd 7800x3d, amd rx7800xt, aorus b650 ultra motherboard. Also this is my main and only pc.

I found the issue, it was mainly due monitor HDR, if monitor HDR is set to on. The screen goes black. If i turn off Hdr on the monitor screen goes back to normal