Black screen after update

So, I’m using KDE on a macbook air from 2013. I ran an update today and I can log in, but as soon as I open anything, 5 seconds later the panel+background go black.

If I opened anything in that 5 seconds, that stays on screen. I can still log out by pressing my shortcuts and then log back in and the same thing happens.

I’m not sure what to do.

downgrade mesa and eventually mesa-vdpau try to reach TTY ctrl-alt-f(x)

downgrade mesa mesa-vdpau or only mesa, mesa is the issue

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This worked, thank you

Mesa was fixed in 20.0.7-2


Hello how are you? I’m Christian, I am new to Arch, Endeavouros was recommended and I installed it on a notebook, the installation was successful, I did an offline installation, but after updating the system and restarting, I always end up on a black screen and the cursor … I can move with the ctl + alt + f … but later I don’t know how to continue to see what is generating the error …

I found this post from manajaro, but I wouldn’t know how to apply it to solve the problem …

Can any one guide me ???

Thank you in advance! and super happy to have been able to install after trying the live on this excellent system !!

what exactly is your DE (Desktop Environment) and are you installing any bumblebee PRIME dualgraphics stuff? or Nvidia?
Interesting also to get specs and logs:

First, thank you very much !!
Second, I am going to use the given commands to see if the error can be traced.

Install offline only with XFCE, update the system, reboot and I just couldn’t do anything else because the black screen appeared with the cursor.

I hope this data helps, and I am attentive to any questions.

I can’t put more than 2 links


Hardware Information System

Using inxi -Fxxc0 | curl -F 'f:1=<-'

Systemd Journal

add http to access the link …

Journal : []
Journal last: []
Journal 2last: []


Xorg (X11)



(xfce4-panel:857): libxfce4ui-WARNING **: 20:06:44.153: ICE I/O Error

only thing i can see is this…
try removing .ICEauthority:
boot up to blackscreen with cursor,
press [Ctrl+alt+F2] login as normal user and:

rm ~/.ICEauthority

and restart lightdm:
sudo systemctl restart lightdm

Sorry, this week I was very busy at work.
Try what you tell me, and the same thing is still happening, and giving the same error where you marked it … I am already thinking that it can become the notebook …