Black screen after pulling down screen laptop

Hello again. I’ve made a post a day ago about a problem I was having with Gnome. Anyways, now that is no longer the problem. Right now, when I pull down the screen laptop or I leave the laptop with activity (so It suspends Itself), then my screen goes black and cannot get back to the session. Forcing me to shut down the laptop by “shift” + “turn on button”. This problem also happened to me using KDE Plasma 6 Wayland (Without Nvidia Drivers) and also with Xfce (Without Nvidia Drivers too). So, I think this more than a problem of the DE.

My laptop specs are:
CPU: Intel Core i5-12450H
GPU: Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 6GB (In hybrid mode)
RAM: 7666Mib.

I can provide more information if require. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Edit 1: I want to add that I also got the screen frozen randomly a couple of times while using the laptop.

Final commentary: I turned off It and turned It on again. What I saw is my GRUB dissapeared and probably the EndeavourOS system is deleted :').