Black screen after POST on bootup after fresh installation

Hi all,

So after a fresh install of endeavour OS, when I boot the pc there is just a black screen after POST. I tried Alt+Ctrl+Fx but that was also unresponsive.


  • Installed from a usb key loaded with the latest iso image.
  • Used the NVidia bootup option for the usb key.
  • Installed via online mode.
  • Chose KDE plasma.
  • Added LTS kernel.

I retrieved the logs by booting in through the USB again. Largely followed the instructions here:

  • Hardware. Retrieved via inxi -Fxxc0z | eos-sendlog on usb shell.
  • Partition. Retrieved via lsblk -o name,type,size,PTTYPE,FSTYPE on usb shell.
  • Boot log. Retrieved via journalctl -k -b -0 | eos-sendlog on usb shell.
  • Installer logs. I was able to chroot onto the installed partition, and see the installed logs there, but couldn’t figure out how to get the admin rights needed to output to eos-sendlog.
  • I could not get the systemd journal from any boot via journalctl -b -0 after chrooting onto the partitioned disk.

I appreciate any patience and assistance in advance!

I would start with an update to the BIOS:

UEFI: American Megatrends v: 3003
    date: 12/09/2019 

And maybe look to disable “CSM” in the BIOS. Those 2 gave me troubles on my 450 chipsets.

Take care :wave:

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