Black screen after login after update

This morning after update my lenovo T14 after login , it show black screen. Can help me . thanks.

Hi and welcome to the community @lori92ro!

This is a known issue. See:

For now the workaround is to downgrade and ignore updates to the package until it is fixed upstream.

Also, forum’s :mag: function:

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Could you also share your hardware specs, in case the downgrade didn’t work?

I just solve the problem, I had the same blackscreen after login.

The cursor was moving, but nothing else happen.

I just downgrade to the last libx11 and it’s working again.

What is your DE?
I am on GNOME and haven’t had the issue?

Are you using wayland?

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I am using Xfce4


That’s perhaps the reason!
Give a minute, I’ll try to log in on Xorg.

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Posting from Xorg session; no issue logging in to desktop:


Thanks for all answer. I downgrade libx11 at version 1.8. and my pc restart work. Thank you very much!


What’s your version of libx11?

The upgraded one:

[2022-06-09T08:11:55+0200] [ALPM] upgraded libx11 (1.8-1 -> 1.8.1-1)

$ pacman -Ss libx11
extra/libx11 1.8.1-1 [installed]
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Well, I guess we simply allow Arch devs to sort this issue for those that are affected. Meanwhile we can use the workaround.

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So it seems to be XFCE only? Didn’t get chance to try other DM/DE/WM and am now at work.

Not sure, but maybe.
Currently I can’t test other DEs, unfortunately.


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