Black Screen After Boot with EndeavourOS (systemd) - Kernel Reinstall Didn't Help

Hi everyone,

I’m encountering a black screen issue after booting my PC today. Everything was working flawlessly for the past two weeks, and I’m using EndeavourOS with systemd (not GRUB). After a power outage, my system now goes straight to a black screen after the BIOS screen, bypassing the usual screen where I select EndeavourOS.

I’ve searched the forums and tried reinstalling the kernel via live boot and chroot, but the issue remains. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this further with systemd in mind?

Try manually selecting the boot device or go into the bios settings and check the boot order.

Were you using the computer during the time the power went out? if you were writing to the drive when the power went out it could have destroyed your drive. What kind of device? HDD SDD NVME?

It could be due to a corrupted boot partition since the system was shut down without the partitions being unmounted first. You should boot into a live environment and perform fsck

Those are my options, i tried the first two and the last one. Nothing works

Edit: to clarify the entries with AHCI: are just additional storage, my OS is installed on my nvme

I just tried this but no luck

I was not doing anything so the pc was in “sleep mode”… the os is installed on my nvme

try using boot-repair in a live environment.

“command not found” it said.

tried it through arch-chroot

Since you’re using systemd-boot, try diagnosing the problem while you’re in chroot

or you can use supergrubdisk to boot your system and fix the problem from within

i tried bootctl install but still no luck.

unfortunately i dont have more spare usb sticks to try out supergrub2 disk :confused:

I managed to fix the issue.
The solution was to switch from systemd to grub

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