Bizarre system behaviour with latte-dock

So, for the last year or more I have been dealing with a strange issue on my primary workstation. Basically, after running for some time(typically 3-5 days), certain applications start demonstrating graphical inconsistencies. These would manifest in a series of ways but generally were all related to refresh in some way. The most common things were flashing or simply not refreshing at all without outside interference.

  • It impacted many applications including fixefox, vivaldi, vmware, sayonara-player, latte-dock and thunderbird
  • There were no messages of interest in the journal when the issue occurred
  • There was no general performance issues, it only impacted one specific application at a time
  • Restarting the application would resolve the issue for a time
  • I dual-boot on this machine and it happened in both Arch and Fedora
  • It happened in a variety of different kernel versions at least as far back as 5.4

After feeling like I had tried everything else, I tried replacing latte-dock with a plasma panel and my machine has been running for 10 days with no issues at all.

I still have no idea what the issue actually was or how latte-dock could have caused it.


Not sure what causes it, perhaps have something to do that any process launched by it as child…But yeah, i know what you’re talking about.

Main dev seems to be lay-down that project for a while and fallback to support-only mode, if i’m correct.

Have you tried latte-dock-git ? For me the latte dock used to glitch sometimes ang with git version didn’t have those problems.

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Did you have the dock in both systems?

Yes, I did.

Did you remove the dock from both?

I’ve not used latte much but I think it caused some graphical issues once I tried it. I think it was similar to what you described. But I don’t remember it’s some time back. It was an animation effect or something that was causing it (for me at least).

I haven’t booted into Arch in a little while. I generally switch back and forth 3 months at a time.

I’m the faithful type. I stay faithful to one until I get tired (which hardly ever happens) or I get pissed off with the community or distro dies or the maintainers of the distro do something really controversial that I don’t agree with. The same goes for my job and relations ships (but I don’t have one).

During my periodic testing with Kde I have noticed a lot of graphical glitches related to latte-dock. The second I remove it the issues go away. I just wish there was a good way to alter the hide/unhide delay on a regular plasma panel…amongst other things.

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I am not really distro-hopping in the traditional sense. Since this workstation is essential to my work and productivity, I originally just had the second distro as a backup for the times when something in Arch wasn’t working the way I needed it to. But then, later, I decided I would split time so they I could raise my level expertise with Fedora and selinux.


I understand. I used to be a die-hard RedHat fanboy. Because that’s what I started on and loved the name for some reason. But after the split (RHEL and Fedora) I was unable to come back to it. Then ventured on to Ubuntu. Unity killed it for me. Tried to stick with Mint but my heart was not there (I think Mint was trying too hard to be like Windows). Moved to Debian for a while liked it but was not satisfied because of the slow pace when it comes to new stuff.

Found MXLinux which I liked but I wanted to venture into Arch. Practiced the hell out of it on a virtual machine hosted on Windows. After creating the distro I wanted I found Endeavour. Tried it once in a VM. Next day I went bare metal with Endeavour :slight_smile: .

Now it’s pretty hard to move me from Endeavour due to few reasons.

  1. Love the distro and the philosophy behind it.
  2. As a leader @Bryanpwo earned my respect and trust (which never do easily with people, yeah I’m an outcast). But once someone earns my respect and trust I will be standing with him no matter what.
  3. You guys all the mods here are not power tripping.
  4. I got to be a small part of the grate distro as a WiKi contributor.
  5. The community and the frogs (you know who he is.).
  6. You guys the maintainers let us feel important which is really nice.

I could go on but 6 would be enough. And this thread is turning away from the topic :smiley: . I’m trying to make windows in to Endeavour these days (my work lap) but it’s just a dream.