Bizarre and funny desktop animations

Here you go, please post your most bizarre/funny and probably useless desktop animations

Just what i need … if i was on Gnome. :rofl:

You can install the desktop cube on kde plasma :rofl:

Not sure it still exists.

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Here another one, retro Linux terminal :grin:

I like my KDE the way it is out of the box! Awesome. :wink:


It is not as good as the old one :frowning:

 yay -S kwin-effects-cube-git
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I’m sorry but any D.E. has them. Try doing a seach in Pluma on a 1MB document for example. Or going through hundreds of entries with Thunar, I’m so bored I’m only going to use the page-down key! Or what freckin’ Dolphin does when a file is deleted or copied into a directory that is being viewed.

No way to turn

 *  *   *
* * *   *
*** *   *
* * *** ***

of them off.