Big Daddy Linux has eos distro challenge on 11 December '21

it may be funny when the conversation picked up and when they asked about endeavor os, i was waiting what Bryan was going to say. Surprisingly some one spoke (actually Bryan). The mistake i made was i was looking at the face of Eric, who had a striking resemblance of Bryan. I failed to look at the name captioned below in the beginning. :face_with_monocle:

2 hours!?! We need like a 15 min recap video. . . . hahaha. I just want highlights!

@Bryanpwo, may I make a suggestion? If Joe is our “Der Doktor” should we award Manuel the title of our “The wizard”? He really does deserve it! :clap:


He does, does he?


This is the name given to me by customers a long time before EndeavourOS starts :wink:


Good to know! :+1: Even so, there is always a first time for everything & everyone, even for…wizards! :blush: