Beware if you are using these extensions in your Chrome (-based) browser

Direct Message for Instagram
Direct Message for Instagram™
DM for Instagram
Invisible mode for Instagram Direct Message
Downloader for Instagram (1,000,000+ users)
Instagram Download Video & Image
App Phone for Instagram
App Phone for Instagram
Stories for Instagram
Universal Video Downloader
Universal Video Downloader
Video Downloader for FaceBook™
Video Downloader for FaceBook™
Vimeo™ Video Downloader (500,000+ users)
Vimeo™ Video Downloader
Volume Controller
Zoomer for Instagram and FaceBook
VK UnBlock. Works fast.
Odnoklassniki UnBlock. Works quickly.
Upload photo to Instagram™
Spotify Music Downloader
Stories for Instagram
Upload photo to Instagram™
Pretty Kitty, The Cat Pet
Video Downloader for YouTube
SoundCloud Music Downloader
The New York Times News
Instagram App with Direct Message DM


Also beware if you use Chrome / Edge :upside_down_face:



My univ website works only on chrome (as per the website). Later I found out it also works on Chromium.

Honestly, the website is a very simple one, and it should also work work with Firefox. But probably the devs tested it on chrome, and to avoid any “errors” on the user’s side so they included a browser check that would refuse to load the website if you weren’t accessing it with chromium based browsers.

Try something like this addon on Firefox and see if you can bypass the restriction:


Yep, that’s clearly poor webdev, i also suggest to use user-agent :wink:

I had to do that with a few of my vendor sites we use at work. They would refuse to load if your agent string wasn’t Chrome. Just used one of the agent string plugins to change from Chromium to Chrome, and wala, let me in just fine.

Thanks! This worked.
Time to remove Chromium


While we’re at it: I was surprised to see The Great Suspender flagged as maleware and disabled by Edge.

Apparently there’s also some shady business going on, but it’s still(?) available in the Chrome store.

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