Better preinstalled Firefox

Install ublock and startpage, set startpage as default search engine, remove the firefox startpage, purge all links like reddit, youtube, wikipedia, etc.
Just 2 add-ons will get you ride of all the GAFA - scam - ads crap.

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EndeavourOS strives to be minimally opinionated. Meaning that we install most things in their default state and allow the individual to customize them to their liking.

It isn’t likely we would ever ship Firefox with a predetermined list of settings/add-ons.

As an alternative, you could consider using Librewolf which basically does just that.


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if you were concerned that the firefox configuration takes time.

you can conveniently take the firefox plug-ins, themes, bookmarks, passwords, etc. with you from installation to installation by creating a firefox account. with a new installation you only need to log in and synchronize.

or you copy the content of the folder /home/you_user_name/.mozilla/firefox/2keotit7.default-release from the old to the new firefox installation.

that saves a lot of time

… especially since Startpage is not necessarily the last word in wisdom. … welcome!

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I run stock Firefox with uBlock Origin. No issues.


Maybe (I know this is a stretch) but some folks want ads. Or not. I dunno. Either way, if you’re using firefox on Endeavour, you know what you want. The goal is to not have things to uninstall, only to install, therefore it won’t likely be a change the project makes.

Yeah, to call this a stretch is the understatement of the day. It’s like the spaghettification effect near a black hole.

At the risk of sounding cynical, I’m pretty sure the main reason why Firefox does not come with an ad blocker by default is the fact Mozilla is mostly funded by Goolag.


Follow the money.

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