Beta repo usage

Is there a beta repo that can be configured to install packages from there?

there is one i gues, but is more for internal testing , but is not much to get overexcite about :slight_smile:

I asked all of this because I was socializing on Debian. :slight_smile:

endeavour is basicly arch side repo is much for own tools or config eventually, is rater minimal then big. big repos with lot of things is also dificulter to keep on upstream

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Please look at file /etc/pacman.conf. There are Arch testing repos commented out.

Thanks, I’ll check it out.

use it with caution! :slight_smile: own risk :slight_smile:

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hello,it’s about people who use archlinux are wise people

Yeah, as people say, be careful with the testing repos. They are commented out for a reason.

One idea is to use those testing repos in a virtual machine. Then you’ll see in advance what’s coming soon on the stable side, and keep your “production” system more stable.

or pcs test

Yes, I know that caution is needed. But now, after many years of experience, I am brave enough to test in a live environment. I know that comparing with other distros is always a bit cumbersome, but many people run Debian SID on their own PC, for example.

Debian sid is range of arch stable

Mayby is arch testing like debian experimental