Beta ISO is taking forever to install

Trying to install the latest devel Beta ISO 2109.07.16-x86_64 and it is taking forever at locales but it finally finished the install. I will try it now and check for issues.

So it was stuck at 39% for a long time at locales during the installation. I have booted into Endeavour and updated. It is generating ALL locales as other users have reported even though i selected America\Toronto. I will also be checking the fonts as two others have reported issues with fonts after updating. It is still currently generating All locales.

As other users have reported the fonts in the terminal are messed up after updating. This is all on the standard install of Xfce. The fonts are set to this. What is the default font for Xfce terminal?


@joekamprad So i set the fonts to DejaVu Sans Mono Book 9. So this is not a problem other than it throws users off. Not sure why it’s not defaulting to proper font? Also the locales? I don’t think it was configuring All locales before originally when i installed the first beta and the stable ISO.

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When i tried to use mousepad in the terminal the fonts are also the same as the terminal was.

It is still not 100% clear what is causing this issue, I do set fonts for beta to Droid and terminal to Terminus, same on first release, but caused by some font removing/merging a on Archrepo, this issue comes up…
May leaving font settings untouched for installed systems is a better way here.

This Beta is removed now, I put the wrong version there, it should have been the Nvidia driver enabled version…

Okay thanks… I just tried it as i thought it was another new Beta.