Best way to setup auto mounting of usb sticks/jump drives and external backup drives with the i3 spin?

I am almost there with my i3 setup but need to sort mounting of usb devices.
What is the best way to do this with the i3 spin?
Should I be searching info mounting drives with xfce?
I believe the eos i3 spin uses Thunar file manager? Is there something I can tag onto this to get gui feedback on mounting?
Wasn’t really sure where to start as not sure what parts are included with the i3 spin - is there a breakdown of the parts somewhere?

Install udisks2 and udiskie

yay -S udisks2 udiskie --needed

In your i3 config at ~/.config/i3/config, add this line

exec --no-startup-id udiskie &

i use udiskie to auto mount usb hdd in ranger file manager

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ok thanks I’ll give udiskie a try