Best environment for tablet?

So, looking at a deal where I can get a Lenovo Flex 5 AMD for $582, and according to the Arch wiki, it can Linux. So, that means if’n I decide to get one, I have to decide what to install. I think my i3 is out, some how I don’t think it’d work well with a touch screen. So, anyone have experience with Linux on a touch screen device? What environment would you suggest? I’m thinking prolly Gnome, KDE or Deepin would likely be best. JingOS would actually prolly be the best, but that’s basically alpha right now, or perhaps early beta, so I don’t think that’d be a good choice.

Gnome imo. Nice big icon and works great with gestures.

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I was leaning towards Gnome. I know KDE is very customizable, and I use a fair number of Qt apps that would be happier over there, so I could likely make something there, but Gnome looks like it would do great out of the box. I’ve never used gestures in any of my Android devices, so I’m not sure how big a deal that would be, but the one thing I like about Gnome is the tiling mode, the Flex is a convertible, so I could use Gnome tiling in laptop mode, and regular Gnome in tablet mode.

Tiling mode? On a tablet?

GNOME. :slight_smile:

GNOME - Very good support

Since version 3.14, the desktop has supported touchscreen gestures, which lets you get even more done with your touchscreen monitor.

Plasma - Decent on Wayland - It will tweaking yourself - to make icons larger etc;

Wayfire - The only wm that good touch support.

Also of course the applications you use.

  • Chromium-based browser supports touchscreen on Linux for a while
  • Firefox v45 (2016) supports touchscreen on Linux (bugs 978679 and 1217515 have been finally fixed) but you may have to use environment variable MOZ_USE_XINPUT2=1 (see question Enable touch-scrolling in Firefox and bug 1268599)

To improve your experience you might want to try.
Touchegg is a multitouch gesture program, only compatible with X, that runs as a user in the background, recognizes gestures, and translates them to more conventional events such as mouse wheel movements, so that you can for example use two fingers to scroll.

Try GNOME - Best choice for now.

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Points, “It’s a convertible, it can be a laptop or a tablet, so I’m thinking Gnome tiling mode when I’m using it as a laptop, and regular Gnome when I’m using it as a tablet.”

Thanks for this, I hadn’t thought about Firefox’s compatibility, it completely slipped my mind. It really sounds like Gnome is my best bet, but for purity sake, I’ll have to see if’n I can find GTK replacements for my favorite QT apps. Sure, I can run them, but things’ll work better pure.

For those wondering, this is what I’m thinking of picking up, reviews are quite good for it.

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