Before Updating

Super basic question. Which page exactly on archlinux should I check before updating my system and how do I know whether or not I’ll encounter those problems as well?

This would give you some locations to look at. Personally, I’m yet to come across any major issue with Arch updates. Or best yet just update once a week or 2.


Also the latest news posted on the home page


I seem to remember that the eos-notifier program can tell you if there is news you need (and show it to you) before updating. That is one way to see if something is needed.

Another way is to keep an eye on the forums here - SOMEONE will experience the ‘problem’ very soon, so you could know quickly.

Personally, because there are so many ways to recover from a troublesome update (see our wiki for some of them if needed - downgrade, eos-shifttime etc) I tend not to wait for news anymore - I will find it out if I need to! :grin: So - your machine, your choice (as always).



One way if you use the YAY aur helper, is to use the command:

yay -Pw

-P, --show
Perform yay specific print operations.
-w, --news
Print new news from the Archlinux homepage. News is considered new if it is newer than the build
date of all native packages. Pass this twice to show all available news.