Been on the forum for years and not granted trust level 3?

And ? I don’t see your logic.

As my final comment… @Bink See here:

I’d advise you not to follow up. People are here just seeking an argument to satisfy a daily craving.


The term seems to describe a lurker. If you just lurk and don’t engage, you won’t get Trust level 3.

I personally want the Regular title too, but I realized that trying to get it, forcefully, just to have it, won’t be a good use of my time and my emotions either. If I get it, nice! If I don’t get it, well, I can’t say I will cry over it.


Excuse my ignorance about forums and such but what the heck is this thread even about and does it have any relevance relating to EndeavourOS or computing? Levels of trust? What? Sorry, couldn’t give a x. Peace & Love! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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because you gain trust level if you engage with the forum community, which requires to login. Simple as that.


Simply not possible to track who is reading posts. If you’re logged out, how will the website software know who is reading posts? This website doesn’t use any scary tactic to track you and your login is the only way it can tell if its you who is reading posts.

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Wait, this is actually a thing for people? Why? Are there any benefits of it? Can I see my own requirements (met or not met)?

No benefits besides a title next to your name, IIRC.

How would the software know who to attribute the reading contribution. In fact, here’s a better question: why are you not logged in by default?

Little things - like you can rename a post for a new person who maybe didn’t do a good enough job for instance. You can use more likes and message people. But you don’t turn into a moderator or anything.

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Did you just said “more likes”? HELL YEAH! I’m all in!
Can I check my personal requirements somewhere? I think I am on quite a good way…

Because it doesn’t make sense to be logged in all the time. I even switch off my desktop computer when i’m not using it.

I only use log-in when needed. If i’m not replying or emoji-ing to someones post then i don’t need to be logged in. Just like you don’t need to log in to youtube to watch the vids.

I think i neeed to express things a little more clearly.

The trust level badge makes no sense:

For example an EndeavourOS developer may have a lower trust level than a ‘regular’ forum user. Don’t believe me? Have a click on some of the developers badges.

Some developer badges read ‘member’ which is apparently a lower trust level than ‘regular’.

As you already probably understood from this topic, the level3 trust is granted automatically by the system, according to some stats gathered by a user. Since you are almost never logged in, you gather almost zero stats.

As a side-note, I’m on this forum since the very beginning, from the days it was being built, and I’m still not trust level 3 as I didn’t care about such things. I am however logged in into the forum on every device I am using to navigate it, because it’s easier to keep track of topics I am following and new topics since my last visit, also any personal mention and messages.

TL;DR: if you are not logged in you can never reach the required stats to be granted trust level 3.


i don’t like this data collection / telemetry which is why i keep login time to a minimum.

edit: I am not complaining i don’t have the badge, just saying i think it is of no use.

You get the badges of all the levels lower than your level too. The badges shown at the bottom of the page are not all of the badges a user has. There is a link next to the badges that lets you see all of them.

There is nothing wrong with that. As stated above, getting to TL3 has no real advantage for your use case.

The badges in general have no practical use, some people like to acquire them and others don’t care. Nothing wrong with either mentality. If you love them, great. If you don’t care about them, also great.

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I do sign in. Just only when answering posts or gving likes etc. I don’t sign in just for reading because, as i replied in another post, i don’t like the forums data collection / telemetry.

edit: I am not complaining i don’t have the badge, just saying i think it is of no use.

That’s fair, nobody here is after your data. I merely explained why you have not been granted LVL3, as this was your original query. As far as I am concerned your question has been answered. The reasons why you choose not to do the things required for level 3 are your concern. You can just as well use the forum without having lvl3, nobody really cares, and you shouldn’t either.


Exactly the point: the trust level badge makes no sense. As you say: “nobody really cares”.

If nobody cares then why have these social media like type things in the first place?

Then why data collection in the first place? Google and Facebook will say that the data collected is necessary to improve their services.

A lot of people actually do care. We get a lot of feedback that people enjoy it. The gamification of the discourse system is polarizing. Some find it pointless, others love it.

That being said, trust levels aren’t only about the badges, they also control what you can do on the forum to a limited degree.