Basic hygiene regarding OS?

I understand what you are saying but it does make backups in that it duplicates all of your files to a folder on a separate drive which can even be external, like usb. It does this in the form of snapshots. It can be used as a backup tool if the user understands this. That does not negate its usefulness and brilliance as an application. I find it very helpful. I make mistakes but also Arch has had some issues with updates that I am glad I was able to roll back to a snapshot before the update so until I can figure out what went wrong. If I want to restore the entire /etc directory to midnight last night, I do not have to restore a whole snapshot I can use rsync in the terminal to just restore specific directories. It basically is an rsync automated front-end.

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You’ve already done a great job with it, but here’s some more ideas:

  • REISUB (search the forum; @Kresimir knows more, and I was suprised he didn’t mention it yet… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)
  • package cache will grow quite much if you don’t manage it with e.g. paccache-service-manager
  • if you want to test new features/software but are afraid to mess up your system, make the testing in a virtual machine first

Here a couple of tips for basic hygiene:

  • wash your hands before dinner
  • wash feet at least once a week
  • sudo pacman -Syu every day


Clonezilla , clone drive backup

I just refuse to do backups. Cleanest way is just reinstall! :laughing:


Okay, Mr. Garlic-Feet. :garlic:

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Not saying this is my hygiene routine :sweat_smile: except point 3 of course!

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Do you suggest Gitlab instead of Guthub? What’s another alternative?

For dotfiles? Nothing, just include them in your regular backup. No need to upload them anywhere.

Git is a version control system, you don’t need version control for your dotfiles. Gitlab is great for your programming projects, especially those you want to share with the world.

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Aah makes sense.

Using Dropbox for file backup. Working well for me.

As for backups of dot-files in $HOME I created a little how-to once, in my earliest days on this forum.

There have been a number of more sophisticated methods posted, which I can’t remember now.

Just a small little hint to backup your dotfiles, as it may save time when re-installing, doing multiple installs, and such…


Full system backup once a month (or when I remember :stuck_out_tongue: )
Some dotfiles go to my github repo every week. I

Clonezilla and Rescuezilla are the tools that I use for making my system images.