Base-devel package selection

Hello, I just found about Endeavour OS very recently and in the installer found that there are packages that might not necessarily make sense, i.e. I have a desktop with AMD Ryzen with RX 590 video card so my assumption is that I do not need something like intel-ucode or gpu drivers for intel igpu or old ATI video cards, I guess same goes for power packages, since it’s a desktop both upower and power-profiles-daemon doesn’t make much sense ?

my question to you folks is do you nitpick the packages or just install all of them regardless they will be used or not.


It is totally a matter of personal preference.

I suspect most people leave them all selected but I tend to pick only the ones I want installed unless it is a test install.


You can also see the log file /home/liveuser/endeavour-install.log what happens to (most of) those packages during install.

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