Baloo Multiple Entry Same File

I just noticed that whenever there is a system upgrade/update, it seems like baloo re-indexes the files again and keep the same entry previously indexed. So that when I search for a unique file appears more than one result pointing to the same file in Dolphin.

I noticed this when I made “update in terminal” last night about 18:00 hrs GMT 20211008 and now about 06:30 GMT.

It was solved by

balooctl purge

and baloo reindexed, again, and search results back to normal.

Hopefully there is a way to avoid double entry in baloo index with update/upgrade.

Can you help avoid this?

Similar issues have been reported in the KDE bugtracking system. For example:

Dolphin search/baloo shows a lot of duplicates

Baloo reindexes everything after every reboot

So, it is a bug!
For now all we have is

balooctl purge

I’ve seen many complaints as well, like taking all CPU and memory and freezing the machine. Thankfully not for me till now.