Baloo 5.77.0-1 Indexing Issue

Dolphin is no longer showing files modified today and yesterday for me after updating to 5.77.0-1. I’ve tried to disable, delete Baloo index files, and re-enable which fixes it only until next login. This is resolved by downgrading to 5.76. I’ve also tried de-selecting Also index file content, unsuccessfully.

Is anyone else having this issue? I’m open to suggestions, but I have had this issue before which was previously fixed in a subsequent update.

Edit: For anyone who might also come across this issue, stop baloo service with balooctl disable and delete the contents of ~/.local/share/baloo. Now go into System Settings-->Search-->File Search and delete all folder specific configurations before re-enabling with balooctl enable.

Hope that helps someone!

Edit 2: The problem returns, not surviving a reboot. :thinking:

Edit 3: Currently tracking KDE Bugtracking System – Bug 430610

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I don’t want to hiijack the thread, but if I just disable baloo and delete the ridiculously massive amount of space it takes up, what would be the result? Would I notice any changes in normal use?

@RPINerd Baloo is responsible for indexing your system and is responsible for those handy results when you run searches in Dolphin or Krunner.

So if I never use Dolphin search or krunner it literally has no use to me? I use ULauncher for quick application launching, does that need baloo or does it do it’s own thing?

I’m not sure, I’ve never used ULauncher. An easy way to find out would be to run balooctl disable via terminal then test the feature in ULauncer.