BalenaEtcher pw prompt not accepting my superuser pw

I like popsicle personally.

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dd if=/path/to/input of=/path/to/output status=progress serves me well.

In the olden days dd of itself could not show the progress, which made it less attractive to me.
You need dd >= 8.24 I believe.

More about dd:

My EndeavourOS install has:

dd (coreutils) 9.4

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A convenient shell script to create boot flash media is bootiso from the AUR. Excludes ssd and hd by default, asks several times etc.

There’s one thing Balena Etcher does which the others don’t – verifying the written data. If you want this functionality, use sudo head -c "$(stat -c %s disk.img)" /dev/sdX | cmp - disk.img after your dd if=/path/to/disk.img of=/dev/sdX bs=4M status progress command to verify that the written image is without errors.

This is a full replacement of Balena Etcher in 0.00002% of the size. Two lines of code, one with dd and the other to verify.


Read the man page[1] and installed.