Badge system needs a tweek

I just recived this badge…

…for wich I’m proud and honnoured, but given that it has been looking like this for me for quite some time…

2020-04-13 09.29.14 a3c8dfdae444

…it was a bit over due. :thinking: :grin:

People like badges, but is also a badge of reaction of a post there is some…

Could you eleborate, I didn’t quite follow?

Judging by the badge’s description you need to have 100 or more posts with at least 1 like on each one. And as far as I know the summary from the user profile counts every like received (i.e. if a post got more than 1 like they all get displayed in your profile). I may be wrong though.

It all depends on what triggers a particular badge. I am not sure whether this information is accessible or not though.

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I think you just solved the conundrum! :+1:

As far as custom badges triggers go, I am probably wrong. It seems that badges are granted daily automatically no matter what trigger is set. So, as soon as the requirements are fulfilled you should have been granted the badge. It’s either a bug or you really just got your 100 liked posts (congratulations :slight_smile: )

I am not familiar with the API, an admin is needed to clarify that.

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True, only the admin knows for sure, but I guess you’re right, and I belive there are more pressing matters to deal with after the new release.

All in due time. :slight_smile:

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I should have earned that badge 2 days ago and nothing yet, it’s a bit weird

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It isn’t 100 likes received. It is 100 posts with likes.

Understood now
Probably because i have 2 posts with 10 likes each.

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