Backup Installation Method

Hi All, hopefully your week is going well.

I appreciate all the work and effort the devs have put into the EOS Calamari installation and with BTRFS setup. I’m not using any encryption. Just a regular BTRFS default setup and Timeshift for system backup.

I just had a thought that if EOS project halts or discontinues, how can I have have a same bare-bone BTRFS installation?

Is there an installation guide that offers the same BTRFS setup? I’ve looked through many guides but without trying, I wasn’t sure which one I could use.

I am also okay with another Arch distro that offers similar BTRFS setup without much bloat.

Just want to have a contingency plan.

You could always do an Arch “the-arch-way” install and create the subvolumes you need for root, home, etc.


Might want to have a look at this thread:

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“Manual” Arch (like pebcak wrote) with BTRFS subvolumes, Archinstall script or something like ALCI.
All do basic subvols for btrfs.


Barring unforeseen circumstances, that is unlikely in the near future.

I would recommend:

Arch and their install script

Archfi and their install script.

Garuda has what they call bare bones that is a very minimal basic install. With the caveat they don’t offer support for it as it’s absolutely not intended for anyone even close to a “beginner.”

I believe Arco has something similar where you can do a base minimal install.

I’m 99% sure all of those options (maybe not Arco) are available with btrfs.

Again, is unlikely you will see the current project halt any time soon. Although nothing is impossible.


Thanks everyone. Will look into these and play around with it in VM.