Backup GUI and CLI recommendations

Thanks to a fantastic forum here I’m less daunted by the terminal than I used to.

Having said that and after a successful EndeavorOS experience, I need to backup before I screw up :slight_smile:

Any recommendations as to a simple backup GUI and CLI, keeping in mind I’m still learning terminal commands?

I’d like to be able to open a backup folder and take a file as needed and a backup system that can incrementally backup.

Thanks everyone

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Sounds like you want something like backintime.

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Thanks I tried BackInTime previously but it gagged on me. That was with Manjaro. It wouldn’t find the snapshot folder, would have corrupted backups, and I lost a lot of work with that app. Maybe it’ll work better here?

I do like the idea of flexibility, GUI/CLI.

I have been using timeshift ever since i took the leap of faith from windows 10.

timeshift-autosnap is also great to have for ext4 disks.

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Restic is good. It can also be used with rclone and remote(cloud).

Timeshift or snapper for btrfs System snapshots

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Thanks I’ve been thinking about giving it a closer look. Will do.

Yeah, that’s what I want to get into. I’d like to have granular control and ease of use.

Am I asking for too much :slight_smile: :laughing:

Unless you investigate the Borg/Vorta combo, you are asking too much :grin: Being more capable, there is bit more to learn than some - but it has earned a good reputation… (controllable both ways btw).

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Thanks for the Vorta/Borg combo. I finally dug into it and it works very well for what I need. Cheers