Backlight keys

I feel really dumb, but how do I make my brightness keys working on Plasma? :sweat:
It is normal that they do not work out of the box (it’s often the case), I usually just define custom keybindings somewhere or look for a related option in the menus. But neither brightness nor backlight seem to give any result in the System Settings menu search. And I can’t figure out where do I bind custom commands to keys. I tried to do it in Custom Shortcuts, choosing Run in terminal, but apparently I’m doing something wrong as it seems I can’t just write xbacklight -inc 5 or whatever, but only to choose an app to run? :crazy_face:

Any pointers to where I can find either backlight settings or set my custom commands are welcome.

Pick the program, ie xbacklight and then you will get a dialog where you can add arguments. You probably don’t want to run it in a terminal though.

Also, did you look here? It should work out of the box:

In that menu? It seems I can’t ?

See above, I edited before you posted.

Did you “click the browse button”? :wink:

I did now :sweat: Still can’t find where to put the options… I can’t type them.

I don’t seem to have it? Maybe I’m missing a package? I installed only those you’ve suggested earlier…


How about installing powerdevil

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Just installed it. The Power Management entry has not appeared though. But it definitely recognizes the keys now, I’m getting a “No service configured” pop-up when I press them.
Before that nothing was happening at all.

You could try kgamma5, did you restart since adding the package?

Installed kgamma5 and rebooted. I don’t know what helped in the end, but the Power Management entry is here now and the default Monitor Brightness Up option appears to be working. Thank you!

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I can’t believe someone gave you a package list for plasma and didn’t include powerdevil


It can be edited in case somebody else will want to use it :slight_smile: Other than that I don’t have any issues with the set-up, it runs perfectly fine.

Did you install Yakuake drop down terminal?

Edit: The things i like in Plasma is Magic Lamp, and Wobbly Windows in workspace behavior and Window placement centered in Window Management.

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That is first thing I remove from any install when it is included. :cowboy_hat_face:

You don’t like it? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Drop down terminals aren’t my thing and I would constantly drop it down my mistake.

I just thought @Tasia91 liked Terminal stuff so i thought maybe the bigger drop down terminal would be something advantageous? :wink:

Everyone has their favorites but I think konsole is a great terminal. Even though I don’t use it much the split tile views can be convenient.

You can have both worlds. :wink:

I’ll give a try to Yakuake, thanks. Lately I am not all that happy with termite and xterm, so maybe I do need a change…

What is that? :slight_smile:

Magic lamp and wobbly windows are great. It makes the open items slide back quick and wobbly windows allows the window to move very fluid like wind blowing something. Makes it react very fast. Having windows open in the center of the screen is just another feature or they can be stacked or a bunch of other options. They are under system settings workspace.