Backing up

So now I know that clonezilla and to a lesser degree timeshift don’t do what I want them to do. Is there a backup solution that can backup my home folder as well as any customization I do on my KDE desktop?

there are plenty of them. I use vorta (->AUR). backintime is another one. deja-dup is pretty popular i think. And much more… You could search the repo for backup tools, or google them.

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Backintime and deja-dup sound interesting. Other than the home folder, what folders do I need to backup to retain my system settings and customization?

customization you do to your desktop is saved inside your home folder (usually in ~/.config/). So no need to include other folders.

“system settings” in terms of “settings of our base system” is another story. Look here:


Use rsync.

My backup strategy has two parts at the moment. Some day I need to add a third one, but later more on this.

  1. I use backintime for the backup of many folders like /boot, /etc, /home, /opt, /root, /srv/* and parts of /var four times a day on a external USB hard drive. Every second week I have two different external USB drives for an additional backup that are stored outside my home.
  2. For the config files I use etckeeper, because it is based on git to versionize the config files. It is much easier to recover errors in config files from this base then searching through four backups per day.
  3. In the future while doing a new installation I will add timeshift as shown in the tutorials of @2000.