Backdoor found in Cisco firewall... again


Infiltrated packages/systems are being revealed by none other than…

cisco is pile of garbage, also overpriced

buy something that’s openwrt compatible and learn how to set it up

Good explanation of the mechanism how the backdoor works. Because Cisco only gives hints you can only conjecture who is the creator of the backdoor. But most signs point to state driven actors. Especially the fact that only few ASAs where compromised by the backdoor at which organisations where affected.
A patch was released thursday afternoon.

Sorry, are you running a business with more than 100 core network devices? If yes tell me what hardware and software you are running on those devices.

Your assumption may work in private surroundings but not in business. You will need some big players like Cisco, Juniper, Palo Alto etc.
That we see a lot of vulnaribilities in Cisco, Palo Alto etc. at the moment is related to their widespread usage and the fact that they are running security teams as the mentioned Cisco Talos to find those vulnaribilities.