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I have given up on Firefox once again. The inability to reliably control autoplay and the multitude of audio streams that Firefox initiates with Kmix is frustrating. I had used Chromium and Firefox for two different Google IDs to keep activity under each separate, but Firefox developers in my opinion are a loose bunch of unsupervised …

I wanted two separate web engines, but compromised with Chromium and Vivaldi ; same church different pews. I had forgotten how nice Vivaldi is. The learning curve is a little steep: takes a whole half-hour to master.

My advice to Firefox: get your act together or hang it up!

I’m off to have another beer and relax.

Although I have Firefox installed, I rarely start it, preferring to use Vivaldi and Chrome, and even Opera. I find Firefox a bit slow already. Anyway, I have no problem with it. I have been using Vivaldi Snapshot since the beginning, it is developing nicely.

Vivaldi is my main workspace too, but when doing web dev work it often has iisues opening up the Inspector, regardless of which version or even OS it’s on (yeh, have to try things in windows also)

I :purple_heart: Firefox!


I’m in agreement with that as well. I love Firefox, and it generally works fantastic for me. I have more multimedia issues with Vivaldi than I’ve ever had with Firefox (mind you, I haven’t had issues with either for basically 2 years other than Vivaldi not telling me the multimedia codecs had been deleted). I like the customized layout of Vivaldi slightly better than firefox, and the fact that mouse gestures work on a blank tab, but Firefox has always been fantastic for me since Quantum was released (prior to quantum, it was a slow, freezing pile of dung).

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in chrome/chromium you can create different profiles, you could use just chromium
I do not know if it helps :slight_smile:

I used to do this, but with KDE/Plasma I have several workspaces defined and having Chromium open in one workspace and Vivalda in another it’s just a mouse click to change from one to the other.