Back in Arch World

Hey fellas,

just signed up, after following this distro and the forum for quite some weeks. Switched to Endeavour last weekend. I had Arch (proper) on my machine some years ago, already. So now i’m back…somehow :wink: and man this distro feels just great! I don’t know why, but Arch is just…right (for me)! And Endeavour is close to Arch with some bonus that i appreciate (like the easy install). And i really like this very active and friendly forum. So i’m a happy little penguin now :smile:

Cheers - and a big thank you to the whole EndeavourOS staff!


Welcome aboard!

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Hey-hey! :slight_smile:

Welcome, have a good journey! :rocket:


thanks. Well, yeah always running ahead, right? That’s how you do, 'cause i’m ‘rolling’ :joy:

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Welcome aboard @T-Flips

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Ya … this is how we roll! :laughing:

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Welcome to the community :beers:

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Welcome here!

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Welcome back to Arch World!

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Welcome, come in and feel comfortable, you are sure to enjoy EndeavoursOS !

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Welcome :pray:

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Welcome! :slight_smile:


  1. I love this distro! I have it installed on my 2 laptops.

  2. You can tell the team has a sense of humor

Houston! We don’t have a problem! Don’t worry if the progress bar gets stuck!
See ya later on the welcome app

  1. This forum is amazing!

  2. Welcome!! Glad you are here :slight_smile:


Welcome ! Great community indeed here .

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Welcome to the fun :balloon: :tada:

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where is this phrase from? Is it stated somewhere here on the website? That’s really funny and quite to the point :smile:


Welcome @T-Flips to the community.

It is on one of the background slides on the ISO installer. So it appears during installations only.
EDIT: Just so happens I was using the ISO online installer. So here ya go.



Thank you for sharing! That’s really good humor. I must have missed that during installation. So now i’m relieved i don’t have to reinstall and watch (more) closely… :yum:

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