Avoid needing root password for hplip scanner plug-in install

I’m just writing this down to remind myself and hopefully saving some others some pain.
Some (all?) HP scanners requires a proprietary plug-in to be installed, prompting you to do so if you try to use a scanner application while HP Device Manager is running. Unfortunately, unless otherwise specified in /usr/share/hplip/base/password.py, it annoyingly defaults to asking for a root password with no graphical way of telling it to use a user/sudo password instead. This can be fixed by editing password.py:

sudo nano /usr/share/hplip/base/password.py

And adding

‘endeavouros’ : ‘sudo’,


how are your groups settings, you are a member of scanner ?

~$ groups
sys realtime plugdev rfkill users wheel myusername

No, everything works fine now, though

i use simple scan on mly wife pc seems also no scanner haha… but no password just lp cups wheel rest idk know difference

Yeah, I don’t really know the difference either =) Simple scan is really nice, though. I even use it on KDE