Autostarting fusuma lightdm

Hello everyone, i’m new to linux and even more new to Archlinux.

If i run fusuma -d by terminal it works flawlessly and i can use the gestures. I would like that my computer runs it automatically every time my laptop powers on.

I tried by creating a new script in home/Scripts/ where i wrote fusuma -d and then made so that it runs every login session trough Session and Startup but it doesn’t work.

I also tried creating .xprofile with inside fusuma -d but it doesn’t work.

I also tried modifying etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf but it doesn’t work either and i had to boot using a pen drive because it didn’t make me login anymore (now I can enter :slight_smile: )

Can someone help me please?

Here’s a summary:

Could you post the content of

cat ~/Scripts/

Also, did you make the script executable? What is the output of:

ls -l ~/Scripts/