Automatic start Kernel 5.8.1

In addition to the current kernel 5.8.1 I have installed the kernel 5.4 LTS as fallback. What can I do to avoid having to select the 5.8.1 kernel every time I reboot? I want EOS to always start automatically with kernel 5.4 LTS is only intended as a fallback!

In /etc/default/grub:

# Uncomment to make GRUB remember the last selection. This requires
# setting 'GRUB_DEFAULT=saved' above.

and re-generate the config. Then, it will save the kernel you pick and use it as the default next time.


Thank You @jonathon! :+1:

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@jonathon, can I do this by selecting the respective entry instead of GRUB_DEFAULT=saved, e.g. GRUB_DEFAULT=3 for the 3rd entry from above?

Yes, just make a note for when you change kernels and it doesn’t do what you expect any more. :wink:


I could be wrong, but I have a vague recollection that the order starts with 0. You could perhaps look it up.

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That’s correct. Here’s a link I use to remind myself of the order:

That’s not intended as a RTFM—but, I hope it helps.